Hop on hop off Tour with Hindi Audio Guided Commentary

There are so many famous tourists sights to see in London that is can be a little overwhelming. Few cities in the world can boast such a rich and diverse history or a collection of iconic buildings as London.

One of the most relaxed and popular ways of getting to see as many of the London sights as possible is to take one of the iconic London bus tours. The beauty of these services is that most offer a live tour guide to talk you through each famous sight along the journey.

This is fine if you can speak or understand English well, but if you don’t then don’t worry! There are selected London tour buses that offer audio commentary in 15 different languages, including Hindi.

Hop on hop off London bus tours

One of the biggest advantages of taking a London tour bus with Hindi audio commentary is that when you reach an attraction that you particularly like, you are allowed to simply hop off the bus so that you can investigate the attraction further by foot.

So for example, if you want to hop off the bus and take a closer look (and some photographs) of Buckingham Palace, or watch the famous ‘changing of the guard’ ceremony, you can do this at your own pace. You are free to take your time to get the fill of your favourite attraction.

It is easy to rejoin the bus tour

If you choose to hop off the tour bus at a particular attraction, once you have finished looking around and taking in everything you need to, you can easily pick up your tour again. You simply hop back on the next tour bus on your chosen route and continue to listen to the Hindi audio guide to carry on learning about the next iconic sights along your journey.

The great flexibility these London tour buses offer is fantastic. Taking a tour means that if you fancy hopping off to take a break and eat some lunch at a cafe you like the look of, or you want to eat a picnic in a park and enjoy the greenery and fresh air, then the choice is yours!

The bus tour operators run several different buses along different routes so you won’t have to wait for long to be able to pick up your journey again by hopping back onto the next bus that comes along. There are a number of designated stops along the routes that allow tour takers to hop off and hop on the bus.

How Happy Tourist can help you

It can be difficult to know exactly which London bus tours have the Hindi audio guide, so our team at Happy Tourist can make things simple for you by booking your tour tickets in advance on your behalf.

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