The UK Government Encourages Indian Visitors to Apply now for their Visitor Visa

If you are an Indian national looking to visit the UK as a visitor, maybe to take a holiday and take in the famous sights and sounds of London, or to visit family and friends in the UK, then the British government would like to encourage Indian nationals to apply for their Visitor Visas during quieter times of the year.

Visa applications can be slowed down during peak season due to longer processing times because of the increased number of visa’s being applied for. Leaving it too close to your intended travel dates could put you at risk of not getting your visa back in time for your holiday.

The UK government recommends that Indian nationals apply for their travel visas well in advance of their planned trip, but also to take advantage of the quieter times of the year where demand is lower and visa processing times are much reduced. 

BEAT the peak campaign

Each year the UK government launch a ‘BEAT the peak’ campaign that acts to encourage Indian visitors to apply for their visitor visas and take advantage of the UK Visas and Immigration’s (UKVI) post-dated visa offer.

This is a system that allows Indian travellers to apply three months in advance of their travel date, however, the visa will be post-dated to allow you to start your visitor visa on your travel date instead of on the date the visa is originally issued.

So for example, if you plan to visit the UK during May you are encouraged to apply for your visa in February, but your visa will retain its full six-month validity from your intended travel date.

Increasing numbers of Indian visitors to the UK

The past few years have seen an increasing number of Indian tourists visiting the UK and the government want to encourage more and easier visa uptake from Indian tourist. The BEAT campaign enables more Indian tourists to visit Britain and applying early for their visas is a positive step that helps to reassure visitors and guarantees their visa will arrive in plenty of time before their trip.

According to figures from the British High Commissioner to India, in the year ending September 2017 well over half a million visas were issued to Indian nationals and visit visas alone were up by 11% year-on-year. These figures have been rising year on year, so it is good to know that hundreds of thousands of Indians will be able to travel to the UK again this year with their visas already in place.

The summer peak for visas usually happens during April and May, so by making your visa application earlier, your application will not be stuck in the processing queue and risk getting delayed past your travel dates to the UK.

Making it easier to travel to the UK

By making the visa system easier to apply for and offering the post-dated visa service is making it a lot easier and less stressful for Indians wishing to visit the UK. The government want to attract a larger section of the Indian tourist market and with all the top-class hotels, famous attractions, shops and cultural delights on offer, Britain is a great place for Indian visitors right now.

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