Travel Agency for Indian Nationals Travelling to London

If you are an Indian national that is hoping to visit London, there are a few things that you need to do first, and some of these things you may find confusing, especially if this is your first trip to the UK and your English isn’t very strong.

While arranging flights to London may appear to be pretty straightforward, you will need to be granted a travel visa first, so don’t book any flights until you have secured a visa.

Visiting London

Visiting London is high on the agenda of many Indian nationals, and on a regular visa, travellers can stay for up to 6 months, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the many splendours that London has to offer!

If you are intending to visit London for tourism and maybe also visiting friends and family that already live here, then this is a wonderful place to make your base while you explore the city and take in the long history, ancient monuments and major tourist attractions.

However, if you think you would find it a great struggle to be able to organise your trip to London, or you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole process, then you can talk to us at Happy Tourist!

We are here to act as a travel agency specifically for Indian nationals visiting London. We can help to arrange your trip and can advise you every step of the way.

We understand that visiting London, booking your accommodation and getting around the city can be a stressful experience, especially if you have never travelled here before.  We can take care of every element of your trip on your behalf and take the stress out of your visit! Our services include:

  • Five days England & Scotland pack
  • Four days England & Scotland pack
  • One day London pack
  • Seven days UK pack
  • Six days UK pack
  • Tailored Packages
  • Three days England pack
  • Two day London pack

Why not contact our friendly team at Happy Tourist to see how we can make your plans to visit London a reality!