UK Visa requirements for Indian Citizens

Indian nationals wishing to visit the UK need to meet certain requirements before they can enter the country. Depending on why you want to visit the UK you can apply for the most appropriate category visa to allow you to visit. These categories are:

1: Tourism and visiting friends: You can apply as a general visitor to explore the UK and visit friends who live here.

2: Visiting family: If you have family living here, you can apply to visit as a family visitor.

3: Business Visits: For those wanting to visit to do business, you should apply as a business visitor. This is also applicable for academic visits or doctors with clinical attachments.

4: Visiting to study: Indian students can stay in the UK for up to 6 months on a student visa. This visa can be extended to 11 months should you be studying an English Language course. You are not allowed to work on a student visa.

Other categories cover travellers who are only catching interconnecting flights to take them elsewhere, or for those who are visiting for a one-off reason, so you would need to make this clear on your application so you get the right travel permissions.

Visa lengths

Depending on your travel plans, you can apply for a Visa for the appropriate duration you need. Tourist Visas are issued for various durations including:

  • 6 month’s Tourist Visa
  • 2 Year Tourist Visa
  • 5 Year Tourist Visa
  • 10 Year Tourist Visa

You will also need to have the right documentation needed for your Visa application. Visa applications take around 14 days to process, so make sure that you apply well in advance of your trip and don’t leave it too close to your intended departure date just in case of any delays.

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